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. Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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How To Make Your Article TITLE Sell

Most authors are wasting their time producing dozens to hundreds of high quality articles that never reach a fraction of their traffic potential. It's a darn shame.

When I review the behind-the-scenes traffic statistics on over 20,000 articles that have produced over 1 million monthly page views in my article marketing lab...ONE thing is clear: All articles are not created equal even when everything about them is identical except for the TITLE.

The reason is probably not what you think.
If you've been schooled on traditional copywriting, you know that in the offline world, the headline determines as much as 95% of the success of the book or article. This statistic takes into consideration what makes the book title successful: Whether a human buys it or not.

Article Marketing on the Internet is a whole different story because of the way your articles reach humans who have an interest in them.

MYTH: Most people will read your articles because they came to a website and started browsing just like they do if they were to have gone to a local book store to find a book of personal interest.

FACT: Wrong! Most people will search the Internet using one of the major search engines and they will be putting in between 1 to 5 keywords that are related to the topic of the article or information they are looking to locate. The search engines will then deliver results that best match the human's interest.

YOUR GOAL: To have your articles show up in the search engine results for the keywords and topics that are most related to the content of your article.


You must embrace this TITLE creation & traffic-building truth:

The first 3-5 words of your TITLE determine the success of your article in terms of how much traffic your article will generate back to your website. Success can only be had when you create keyword rich titles for your articles that match the most commonly searched keywords for your topic.

How to determine which keywords are rich and the right ones to use for your article?

You'll need a keyword research tool. Some are free and some are fee-based. has a popular keyword research tool that shows you the most common search results from the Yahoo search engines directory. If you want to see what's on "Google's Mind" you can try one of their current beta tools called "Google Suggest":

Whether you use a web-based keyword research tool or invest in one of the more advanced application level software keyword research tools, it's critical that you learn know how to do keyword research.

A "Good" vs. "Bad" TITLE Example:

Here is an example of the difference between a non-keyword rich TITLE vs. a very keyword rich TITLE that is proven to perform better in terms of traffic creation:

Bad TITLE Example:

"Top 9 Ways You Can Acquire Fractional Jet Ownership"

Excellent Keyword Rich Title Example:

Fractional Jet Ownership - 9 Strategies to Help You Acquire Your Private Jet

Why is it more effective?

Because it does not waste the first 3 words of the title with meaningless garbage words like "top" or the number "9" or "ways"...and gets right to the important words that might be found when someone is using a search engine to research a topic related to your article.

You'll also notice in my example that I included the word "Private" Jet. Why? Because my keyword research said that people who search for fractional jet also search for the word "private jet" and therefore I wanted to boost the chances that my title would be found by a larger number of potential visitors to the article.

Two recommendations on what NOT to do:

1) Don't include garbage characters in your TITLE such as quotes, tildes, asterisks or anything else that a search engines has to work hard to discard in order to understand the TITLE of your article.

2) Do not engage in any search engine spam technique by having keyword rich TITLES that have nothing to do with the topic of your article. You'll only be hurting yourself as the search engines already aggressively filter out bad behavior like this.


If you want to maximize your results from any article marketing strategy, you must master keyword research so that you can create keyword rich and intelligent article TITLES. Your pay off will be massive amounts of traffic to your articles and website thanks to the search engines who love smart keyword rich TITLES!

About The Author:

Christopher M. Knight invites you to submit your best quality original articles for massive exposure to the high-traffic expert author community. When you submit your articles to, your articles will be picked up by ezine publishers who will reprint your articles with your content and links intact giving you traffic surges to help you increase your sales. To submit your article, setup a membership account today:

(c) Copyright - Christopher M. Knight. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Article Source:

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I GIVE the F*REE system to you and I get PAID for that!

. Friday, December 19, 2008

Are you sick and tired of searching for a legitimate Home Based
Internet Business? Fed up with all the empty promises and flat-out
lies? Boy do I have a treat for you! I am about to hand you, Absolutely
F*REE of charge, the...

Do you have your own world-wide-web yet?

"Exact Viral Marketing System I Use to Generate 12 100% Passive Income
Streams all While Spending Less Than 5 Minutes Per Day Running the

And The Best Part is: The Search Engines LOVE What I am Doing so Much
They are PAYING ME (And YOU) up to $425 PER PERSON that I (And YOU)
refer to get a f*ree system for Themselves... For F*REE!

This Completely F*REE Viral Marketing System Will Give You Step-By-Step
Video Instructions on How To Build an Internet Business from Your home
that will generate more than 12 separate streams of 100% Passive
Residual Income! (So easy your Grandma could do it even if she does not
know how to check email yet) AND, You can run this business working as
little as 5 Minutes Per Day (And really that's only if you want to
login to your accounts and see how much money you made while you were
sleeping, spending time with your kids or grandkids, shopping, golfing,
fishing... You name it!)

Just imagine for a minute how easily you could grow a Home Based Internet Business if I…

* Showed You How to Get PAID between $5 and $300 for EVERY 100%
F*REE SYSTEM that THEY SYSTEM gives away for you... WITHOUT you ever
needing to talk to anyone or sell anyone anything... EVER! -- NO
selling ebooks or training courses, No talking to friends and family,
no designing web sites, no time consuming online marketing... just let
the system do all the work to give away other f*ree systems, and GET

* Showed you how to get your ads constantly at the top of Google,
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* Showed you The SECRET Techniques I developed to turn the tables on
the Search Engines so that Instead of YOU PAYING the Search Engines for
traffic to your site the SEARCH ENGINES ARE PAYING YOU! I think you
would agree this is 100x better then just getting "f*ree traffic" to
your site

* Showed you how to stop having to pester your friends or family
about your Home Based Business because the system does 100% of The Work
For You so you NEVER have to talk to ANYONE about it!

* Handed you more than 10 Step-by-Step Video Tutorials that will
show you exactly how to harness the marketing power and reach of the
Internet to build your Home Based Business by spending as little as 30
minutes to set up your F*REE Account and then never touching it again!

Well, what are you waiting for? Join F*ree Now, Quit your 60 hour a
week J.O.B (Just Over Broke) and start working just 5 Minutes Per Day!
- Even If You Have Had Absolutely No Experience At Online Marketing!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's no magic!

. Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's all about hard work and the right attitude towards your own business.
Since you are using Traffic Exchanges you know that Traffic is the most
important part of any online business.

Getting traffic means either some work on your part or investing money for it.

Personally I do both, a combination of buying traffic and generating it for free.

I don't need to show you how to buy traffic, that can easily be done inside
your Traffic Witch member account.

Traffic Witch...
you know you can simply surf sites to get traffic back to your site.

But what I can show you is how to get tons of signups into Traffic Witch so
that you get tons of extra free visitors to your websites!

The first step is of course to use all programs included in our Downline Builder
to get signups. You can view it as kind of a Cross Promotion. Many of these programs
also have a Downline Builder section, so what you do is simply use all these Downline
Builders to connect the programs. This will help you to get more signups faster.

I suggest you then start to promote the Traffic Witch because it's new and as
you can see, I care about my members and help people to achieve success. So you can
be sure that the people you send my way tend more likely to join the other programs
in the Downline Builder as well. Believe me, it makes a difference when the Traffic
Exchange owner is on your side and helps you to get signups into other programs as

I strongly believe that with a little work on your part you can have at least 5 new
members in your downline by tomorrow. All you need to do is surf multiple exchanges
and use all the credit based safelists that you find in our Downline Builder.

It's simply a game of numbers. A certain percentage of the people you send to the
signup page will signup. So the more traffic you send the more signups you will get.

Finally, try to think large!

You should set yourself large goals like sending 1000 visitors to the signup page.

It won't do much if you just send 20 visitors a day...

So the quintessence for today is: Do more and you will get more!

Our Sorcerer Membership was made for those who want to get more... login and have aAlign Center
look at the incredible value that comes with this upgrade.

Have a great day and enjoy surfing at Traffic Witch.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Whatever you do, Don't Join MyViralSurfer!!

. Friday, December 12, 2008

Whatever you do, Don't Join


Well, at least not until
you have read this review. My heading was not some ploy to
get you to find out what is wrong with MyViralSurfer.
Rather, it was meant to get your attention because there are
a few things I want you to know before you join.
Okay, so what is


MyViralSurfer is a website
comprised of many services. It was developed by Craig
Haywood (or the blue guy) who is also the owner of highly
successful sites like and MyViralPopAds.

Please note: I do realise
that this review is a bit long, but it will soon become
clear when you see just how big MyViralSurfer is.

A quick summary of the MVS
homepage reveals that MVS is an ad tracking service or link
cloaker, a personal list builder, a traffic generator, a
member advertising service and a downline builder for any
program of your choice. Let's look at all of these in

Tracking Service

As a tracking service I
have to admit, Craig has really pulled out all the stops.
But then again, who better to design a bulletproof tracking
service than the guy who brought you the very first Viral
Tracking service (I will get to the viral aspect of MVS
later in this review).

What I really like about
the tracking service is that there is no apparent
restrictions for free users apart from the viral bar which
cannot be turned off by free users. Then again, why would
you want to turn it off anyway as this forms part of how
this well oiled machine does what it claims to do.

Free members can create
unlimited tracking campaigns and unlike what Craig has done
with TrackThatAd, there is no ad gateway visitors, who click
on a free members' tracking link, first have to go through.
For the budget constrained, this really is a free tracking
service with more bells and whistles you will see anywhere

Pro members on the other
hand get a tracking service better than anything else I have
seen. You will not only have access to the textual data free
users get, but you also get a full graphical analysis on all
of your campaigns. This makes it very easy to spot trends at
a simple glance where you might otherwise have missed it by
just looking at the textual data.

Pro members can also use
the tracking by incorporating their own domain names into
the tracking link, turn the viral bar on or off and
something which I really like is that they can even track
sales and know exactly which advertising resource resulted
in the sale... all the while creating just one campaign.

What is nice about the
sales tracking is that you can use it on almost anything
where you want to test conversion. For instance, you can see
how many opt-ins you got to your list by advertising with
company xyz as apposed to how many you got by advertising
with company abc.

It is no wonder with Craig
being the owner of TrackThatAd that I cannot fault him on
the tracking service.

Personal List Builder

I am sure by now you are
sick of hearing how important a personal list is and "The
Money Is In The List". The sad truth is, this is all true. I
can lose all my online businesses today and I will already
be in profit again by tomorrow just because I have a list.

As a free member MVS will
build your list 3 levels deep. What this means is that you
will receive the name, surname, email address, signup ip
address and date of signup from all members you refer. Then
the same happens for members they refer and the members they

These leads are sent to
you at the address you use to join MVS in such a way that
you will not be able to join with an auto-responder email to
have the leads deposited onto your auto responder. (Believe
me, I tried)

As a pro member though,
you can specify an auto responder email address and MVS will
then deposit all your leads into your auto responder. For
pro members this happens a full 20 levels deep. This is very
important and will become apparent when I get to the Viral
aspects of MVS.

Traffic Generator

The traffic MVA generates
for you comes from three sources through two ads you create
in your members area. The first ad is a text ad which is
displayed on the viral bar of all tracking links. These ads
are randomly pulled out of the database on a 1 to 1
rotational basis.

Text ads are also
displayed on more than 2000 content pages throughout the MVS
network which is getting more and more organic traffic every
day. Once again, if you go with the pro option, you get a
better deal on the ad displays.

Pro members will have a 20
to 1 rotation on all text ads. These ads can point to any
website address, whether it is an affiliate site or your
very own product sales page.

Another way MVS creates
traffic is through a technology they like to call
"Page-Behind" sites. This you really have to see to believe
it! Whenever a tracking link is followed, the visitor will
get to the site being tracked just as if he or she would
have typed in the address directly with the exception of the
viral bar at the bottom of the site being tracked.

This in itself is nothing
new as we have all seen this before. In fact Craig
introduced this concept way back when he developed
TrackThatAd. Once the visitor lands on the page or site they
followed from the tracking link, they can go about their
browsing just as they normally do. They can even click
through to another site if the site they are viewing has a
link to an external website.

"Page-Behind" kicks in the
moment the visitor tries to close his or her browser by
showing an alert and asking the visitor to view one more
offer. What I really like about this is that the offer has
already loaded completely in the background while the
visitor was visiting the site being tracked.

This "page-Behind" offer
is actually a website address you specify in your
back-office and once again, it can be any site of your
choosing, whether it be an affiliate website or your own
product sales page.

As is the case with the
text ads, "Page-Behind" sites are randomly rotated on a 1 to
1 basis for free members and a 1 to 20 rotation for pro

Member Advertising

The member Advertising
service comes in the shape of a shared mailer where members
can send their offers to other members of MyViralSurfer.
What is really nice about MVS is that even free members can
mail to at least 1500 random prospects every week by simply
getting mailing credits from their MVS homepage (more on
this later)

Pro members on the other
hand can mail to 1500 members in addition to the mailing
credits they have built up since their last mailing 3 times
a week. That effectively gives pro members the ability of
reaching 18,000 random prospects a month without even
building up mailing credits. Furthermore, pro members' ads
does not contain any top sponsor ads.

Pro members will also not
receive mail sent by free members. This is something I
really like because we all know paid members are more like
to buy a product as they have already proven themselves as
buyers as opposed to free members.

Downline Building

MyViralSurfer has a unique
technology whereby each member of MVS gets a customized home
page which they are also required to set as their browser's
homepage. Every 24 hours your custom home page is rebuilt
and one of the many thing you will see on your homepage is 7
links to the days recommended programs. This will
effectively be your affiliate or downline programs.

Each time a member of MVS
opens up their browser, they will see these 7 links until 24
hours has passed and their homepage is rebuilt. Once
rebuilt, it will show 7 other links for the next 24 hours
etc, etc...

Your homepage also
includes a whole array of useful utilities. For instance,
you can see the results of your 5 newest tracking campaigns
without logging into your account first, there is a jokes of
the day section, a marketing tip of the day section where
top gurus shares information which is sure to help you in
your money making efforts.

You can also add up to 60
sites you visit on a regular basis which will be displayed
in the order of sites you visit most often. As for the other
utilities you get included with your homepage, there are
just too many to list them all here, but suffice to say
Craig has really done his homework to ensure you will be
happy to set your unique MVS homepage as your start-up page
in your browser.

Something to take note off
regarding the homepage... only active homepage members will
be authorised to have their "page-Behind" sites, text ads
and downline programs displayed. You can also only earn
mailing credits by following a link from your homepage.

This is to rule out
freeloaders who think they can just join MVS for free
advertising and contribute nothing to the community. All in
all, I think this is a good feature as it ensures only
serious business people advertise to each other and the
outside world.

Viral Marketing --
What's Wrong With MyViralSurfer -- Final Thoughts

A lot of people claim they
know what Viral Marketing is and... some of them actually
do. However, Craig Haywood has just rewritten the book on
Viral Marketing. The Viral elements he has in place with MVS
is something totally out of this world.

In the members area Craig
actually makes this bold statement:

"Every member will
refer new members to MyViralSurfer, whether they want to or
not. That is just the way we built the system."

This may seem like a
mouthful till you realise what Craig has done. Craig has
implemented Viral marketing in a way that has never been
done before and while I have to admit that not every member
will get referrals if they just join MVS, never to do
anything with it again, I can certainly understand that it
is almost impossible not to make money with this system.

I don't want to give away
too much, but should you decide to get an account, do
yourself a favour and check out the affiliate tools section.
You will see things there that you will see nowhere else.

This also brings me back
to the personal list-building feature. When you realise the
extend to which Craig has implemented viral marketing in
MyViralSurfer, it becomes quite clear that reaching 20
levels of referrals below you (who all end up on your list)
is really not that far-fetched of an idea.

What's Wrong With

Seriously, the only
drawback I can see is that there is a lot to go through when
you first join the service. A lot of people will leave a lot
of money on the table because they will not be willing to
spend 10 minutes to get to know the system.

My Advice: Once you have
joined, be sure to read the section under the tutorials menu
on how it all fits together. You might just find yourself
drooling by the time you finish it.

I also had a bit of a hard
time signing up to a free account with Plimus (MVS pays out
commissions through Plimus), but then again, it took two
minutes out of my day and this is a once-off procedure.

Other than that I really
can't fault Craig on anything else.

Final Thoughts

MyViralSurfer is a one
stop, all-in-one solution that caters to most of the things
we as marketers need every day. Throughout the whole members
area you get a sense of quality -- a rare quality as I feel
most product owners only apply the bells and whistles to the
sales page.

It offers everything you
will need whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran.

While this service offers
an incredible array of excellent benefits for free members,
I would highly recommend you take them up on the
one-time-offer as chances are extremely good you will just
do it anyway later on for a higher price.

Click here to visit MyViralSurfer

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Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Stay Focused on Your Home Business Goals

. Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Stay Focused on Your Home Business Goals
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

When you are the owner of a home business, you will find
hundreds of distractions that vie for your time, energy and

Common distractions include: children, family, friends,
neighbors, pets, phone calls, mail, household chores, video
games, television, neighborhood children, visitors, and so many

As an owner of a home based business, you must always remember
your purpose in bringing your profession home. What was your
reason for wanting to own a home business? Was your goal to work
from home so that you can share in the lives of your children?

Was your goal to be out from under the rule of a tyrannical
boss? Was your goal to have the freedom to work when it is
convenient for you? Was your goal to make tons of money working
for yourself?

Here`s a few good tips that will help you stay focused on your
home business:

TIP #1:
Whatever your reason for going out on your own, you must keep
your reason in the forefront of your mind. If you forget your
reason for starting your own home business, you will not be
working for yourself for long. It is far too easy to let
circumstance drive your activities --- and when circumstance is
in the driver`s seat, you are more likely to crash and burn.

TIP #2:
Remember --- your own business is a lot like a real job. Some
people go to work to play, some go to socialize, and others ---
most often those who are paid in a commission or tip environment
--- go to work to work and to make money. When you work for
yourself, your salary is directly proportional to your
productivity. Therefore, wouldn`t it make sense to stay focused
on getting as much done in as short of a period as possible?

Go to work to work and to make money. Leave playtime and
recreation for when your workday has ended.

TIP #3:
When you are dealing with family in the course of your workday,
it is important to schedule your activities as much as possible.
With small children, you must take time when you must, but you
should also work hard to make sure you dedicate a specific
number of hours to your workday.

With older children, it is much easier to tell them that you
will be working between the hours of x and y. Your children and
your friends must understand that certain hours of your day are
devoted to the activities of your business.

TIP #4:
Don`t permit your friends and extended family to run over you.
Many people get the blind idea that if one works from home then
they are not actually working.

Well-meaning people may try to fill your doorway to bring advice
about getting a real job. Others may simply believe that if you
are at home, then you are fair game for chitchat and

You must stand firm. You must make certain your friends and
family understands that when you are working, then you ARE
working! If they wish to socialize with you, then they need to
do it during the hours that are not dedicated to your home

You are the only one who can stand up for you. Your friends and
family will seldom be able to appreciate your dedication to your
home business, unless you make the effort to make sure that they
have the same respect for your business that you do.

TIP #5:
You should allot a certain portion of your day to email and to
regular mail. For example, allot one hour in the morning and one
hour in the afternoon to handling your written communications.

Unless you dedicate certain times to the handling of these
communications, you will soon find yourself on the downward
slope of decreased productivity.

TIP #6:
When you find yourself spending too much time doing
non-productive activities, then you should seriously consider
finding a third-party service provider who will assist you in
those non-profitable business activities.

As an example, you might be in the mail-order business. You
might believe that your time is best spent writing ad copy and
setting up your advertising, but you find yourself spending far
too much time taking care of your books to take care of your
advertising in the manner that you should. In this event, it
might make more sense to hire a bookkeeper to handle your
financial records for you.

In the end, the success of your home business is entirely and
completely reliant upon you and the decisions that you make.

You had your reasons for deciding to start your own home based
business. You must always keep your reasons in the forefront of
your mind. You must always be able to rely upon your own self
and your dedication to the success of your business.

Your friends and family might be annoyed that they cannot come
visit upon their own whim, but when success comes to you and
your business, they will better appreciate you for putting your
foot down when necessary.

Success is within your reach, if only you can stay focused on
your goals. You must decide to reach for your goals, and then,
you must have the discipline necessary to reach them.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Webmasters Earn Money Here!

. Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for commercial websites and in return receive a commission payment.

Click Here To Signup

How Does It Work?

When you join our affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your site. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission based on your commission type.
Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!
Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

Program Details
Commission Type Pay-Per-Sale 5% for each sale you deliver.
Initial Deposit $10.00 USD - Just for signing up!
Payout Requirements $100.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout Duration Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.

Webmasters Earn Money Here!

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How Do You Make Money With Private Label Rights?

When you have free private label rights products there are many ways that it can benefit your business and help you make money. Many people use free private label rights in many different ways. You want to make sure that the private label rights that you are going to use for your business are worth it. You don’t want to give away something or sell something if it is junk. Doing this will hurt your business reputation. So the first thing you need to do is to make sure it is well worth giving away.
Now here are some things that you can do with free private label rights to help your business.
First of all you can break it down into individual reports and put it into an auto responder so that you will have your own mailing list that you can start collecting names and email addresses for. This will always be one of the most important tools you can have for your business. So you definitely want to think about doing this because it will help your business for a long time into the future.

Next you can also take the private label rights and change them anyway that you want to. You can put your name on them and be the seller and owner to a powerful business building tool. You can give this away on an opt in page to help you get subscribers for your mailing list.
Another thing you can give away the free private label rights to other people. This will help you build business contacts and find customers that you can sell other products to.
Finally you can even take more than one free private label rights products and put them together into an eBook. This will give you your own eBook product that you can give away or sell.
There are so many ways that you can use private label rights products to help you with your business. You just need to use your mind to come up with all the different ways that you can help your business grow and make money with the use of free private label rights products. You can also do some research to figure this out. The one known fact is that if you are not using plr products in your business than you are missing out on a very powerful business tool that can help you make good money.

Summary: There are so many things that you can do with free private label rights that will help you build your business and make money. The private label rights products can be a powerful business tool for you. Find out how you can use these types of products.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

free viral trafic forever

. Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seven Elements Of A Killer Squeeze Page

. Saturday, November 29, 2008

If you want to maximize your opt-in conversion rate, you need to apply the seven elements for a killer squeeze page.

1. Compelling Headline: you have about three seconds to grab the attention of your visitor and give them a reason to stay and read what you have to say before they click away to the next site. Especially if you’re advertising on traffic exchanges other related websites.

2. Bullet List of Benefits: once you’ve got their attention, you’ve got to keep it by telling exactly what your freebie is going to do and how it’s going to help them get what they want.

3. Strong Call to Action: next you need to tell them what to do and how to get what you’re offering. For example, “Enter you name and email below for instant access.”

4. Opt-In Form: this may seem obvious, but the placing of the form is what’s important. It should be “above the fold” for best results. And the submit button should also use text like “Click Here For Instant Access” instead of just “Submit.”

5. Email Notice: you need to give an incentive or a reason to enter a real email address. Note that the download link will be sent to their email inbox or they will need to confirm to get the download.

6. Privacy Statement: ensure your subscribers that their information will not be shared with anyone and that you respect their privacy.

7. Trust Seal: an easy way to increase conversions is by placing a trust seal on your site to let your visitors know that you do business with honesty and integrity. For example, I use the Honest Online button on my site.

Besides those seven elements, good formatting, nice graphics, and a professional design will go a long way to increase your conversion rates. But for most direct response squeeze pages, a simple page with a white background and black text will do just fine.

100% commission on the product and resell rights

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Basics: Let’s Talk About Traffic

. Thursday, November 27, 2008

When you’re just getting starting in Affiliate Marketing, one of the most important things you need to learn about is traffic – specifically what it is and how to get it.


Because although it’s become somewhat of a cliche these days, the truth is, “the money is in the list” – but that means YOUR list, not the list of the people whose products you’re selling – at least not if you want to be successful.

Here’s why. As an affiliate, your job is to find people who want to buy the products you’re promoting, right? So to do that, you need to write an ad (or hire a copywriter to write it for you), and send people to a Website where they can buy the product.

BUT – there’s a serious problem with using this method. Do you see what it is?

Anywhere from 60 to 95% of the people you send to the sales page probably aren’t going to buy the first time.

1. Most people want to be certain that they’re making the right decision, so they usually need to see or hear from you between 5 to 12 times before making a buying decision.

2. If you’re paying for the ad and sending people to the seller’s Website, the ones who don’t buy disappear forever. (And neither you nor the seller will benefit.)

3. Of those who do buy, if you’re only sending them to the sales page, YOU still lose them forever because you have no way of knowing who they are.

Here’s the solution:

1. Write your ad and send prospects to a well-written squeeze page – YOUR squeeze page. (A squeeze page is a single page Website that has one purpose – to convince prospects to give you their contact information. Squeeze pages should be simple – no flash, no links, and if you use a graphic or photo, keep it simple and make sure it relates to the purpose of the page. How do you convince prospects to give you their contact information? By giving them information that is what they’re expecting to find and that’s useful to them.)

2. Offer them an incentive to give you their contact information. (This could be a free report, a free newsletter, an audio or video product – just make sure it’s related to the niche or affiliate product.)

3. After they’ve opted in to your autoresponder, send them to your affiliate sales page.

4. Follow up with them on a regular basis – mixing good information, free bonuses from time to time and additional affiliate products.

Lather, rinse, repeat. (Once you’re making money from your first affiliate product, move on to the next and then the next and the next.)

The best thing about this is that you can set most of it up on your autoresponder, so you turn it into a “system” and it runs “almost” on autopilot. (There is NO SUCH THING as a business that runs 100% on autopilot – and don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.) Any business – real business – takes work and effort. But by setting this system up this way, your autoresponder does the majority of the work, and you will only need to do simple updates and make sure you keep fresh information flowing.


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